I offer training to clinicians wishing to develop their skills in working with gaming addiction, either through one-to-one mentoring or through training workshops. By training with me, you will benefit from my personal, research-based and clinical experience to learn:

  • How to assess for and identify problematic or addictive gaming
  • The key psychological drivers that create and perpetuate gaming addiction
  • A deep understanding of the physical, psychological and social impacts of gaming addiction
  • An understanding the latest research around gaming and gaming addiction, which will help you to separate issues of real concern from those which have become part of the 'moral panic' around technology use
  • An understanding of how to talk with both adult and adolescent clients about gaming
  • Ways of uncovering the meaning that gaming has for clients, and the specific factors that cause it to be a problem for them
  • Ways of helping people overcome gaming addiction
  • Ways of working with parents and significant others when they have a family member experiencing gaming addiction
  • Ways of ensuring that clients feel heard, supported and encouraged to make changes when working with gaming addiction

For more information about training options for yourself or your organisation, please contact me on 021 0297 8804 or email me at