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NZ Articles

3 News article on gaming addiction (recommended, provides a good overview of other worldwide incidents and research) - 2010

Gaming treatment centre opens in Sydney, "Internet Use Disorder" (IUD) added to DSM - 2012

Nelson school opens club for problem gamers, also notes the positive effects of gaming - 2012

Gaming amongst children worrying parents - 2012

Game addicts more likely to suffer other mental health problems - 2012

Differentiating between high engagement and problematic gaming - 2011

American study suggests in 1 in 10 gamers may be addicted - 2009

Australian study suggests in 1 in 12 gamers may be addicted - 2009

NZ Radio Segments

Teresa Cowie reports on video gaming in New Zealand (recommended) - 2012

Internet addiction destroying lives, says psychologist - 2012

Korean government claims and estimated 2 million citizens addicted to the internet - 2010

China becomes the first country to classify internet addiction as a clinical disorder - 2008

International News and Media

A VICE documentary about esports and gaming addiction - 2015

Free to watch documentary that follows a number of gamers over 6 years, experiencing problematic and addictive gaming - 2011

Article about the addictive properties of games, and recent problems surrounding gaming - 2013

Experts want gaming addiction added to disorders manual - 2013

Korean expert discusses game addiction warning signs - 2012

Two new studies support concept of gaming and facebook addictions - 2012

Large collection of articles on video game addiction on - Various

BBC article on gaming addiction - 2010

Seahawks defensive tackle discusses his video game addiction - 2010