Talks and Presentations

Talks and Presentations

James Driver, Psychotherapist

Since completing my Master's research into gaming addiction I have presented locally and internationally on the topic at a range of schools, organisations and conferences. I draw on my personal experience as well as my research and clinical background to create talks that are engaging, informative and inspiring. If you would like me to present at your organisation, give me a call on 021 0297 8804 or email me at

Topics I can address include:

  • Understanding the key psychological drivers that create and perpetuate gaming addiction
  • My own experience with gaming addiction: What got me into it, what kept it going and how I overcame it
  • An overview of the physical, psychological and social impacts of gaming addiction
  • How to assess your own or others' gaming
  • How to talk about gaming with young people or family members/friends who might have a problem
  • The latest research findings around gaming and game addiction
  • Crossovers between current gaming business models and gambling games
  • How to work with young people around gaming issues as a parent, teacher or other support person
  • How to overcome gaming addiction - what's needed to change the pattern of behaviour

We couldn't have asked for a better and more authentic delivery

My previous presentations and trainings have included:

  • New Zealand Boarding Schools Association, 2019
  • Compass Seminars, Hamilton - Full Day Training, 2019
  • Northland DHB, Full Day Training, 2019
  • Ministry of Education Canterbury, Full Day Training, 2019
  • Bay of Plenty DHB - Youth AOD Service - 2 Day Training, 2017
  • Christian Counsellors Association of Australia - Full Day Training, 2016
  • Generation Next - multiple locations in Australia, 2016, 2017, 2018
  • Rangiora College, Rangiora 2016
  • Generation Next Conference, Auckland 2015
  • NZAP Conference, Christchurch 2015
  • Vision College, Christchurch 2015
  • The Salvation Army Bridge Programme, Christchurch 2015
  • Lifeline, Auckland 2014
  • Wellington College, Wellington 2014
  • International Gambling Conference, Auckland 2014
  • Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation Webinar, Australia 2014
  • A lively and engaging talk. It helped me to feel like I could start to understand what was going on for my son